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Looking for just doors and drawer fronts?

The majority of stock lines that we offer don't sell the doors and drawer separate from the boxes, so we came up with a program where customers can purchase cabinet doors and drawers without having to purchase the entire cabinet.  Typically this is done when customers are looking to simply give their cabinets a quick face lift, often called cabinet refacing.


thinking women with question mark on whi

Is refacing the right choice for me?

Refacing may be a viable option for you.  If remodeling using new cabinets is outside of your budget, then refacing may be an alternative choice.  You will typically have to work with your contractor in obtaining door measurements and coordinate the installation of all the doors and drawers.  We can provide hinge boring and hinges if required.

When thinking of a kitchen make-over, you probably thought you only had two options right?  

Well, you don' have three.


Option #1

New Cabinets

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Are new cabinets a good choice for me?

There's no doubt that new kitchen cabinets are a good solution for those that are looking for a complete kitchen make-over.  New cabinets allow for a complete redesign of your kitchen.  Layouts can be reconfigured to allow for a complete transformation and all new modern features can be added to your purchase package.  Installing new cabinets also allow you to choose from more trendy and modern door styles, all while improving the functionality and storage space of your kitchen. 

With the wide variety of styles and finishes available today, cabinet replacing makes kitchen remodeling a great way to increase your homes value and design appeal.  Features such as glass doors, all plywood boxes, standard soft-close hinges and glides, finished flush side panels, and many more, makes purchasing new cabinetry a great choice.

Pros and Cons of a complete kitchen remodel:

Complete change of layout, sizes, and functionality.

Allows you to address current problems with damaged cabinet boxes, functionality issues, and spatial issues.

The scope of work is more extensive

Requires substantial coordination with contractors and suppliers.

Option #2

Painting or Refinishing Existing Cabinets

How about painting my cabinets?

Painting your kitchen cabinets is not for the faint of heart.  Sometimes a DYI project can start off as a good idea, only to end up a regretful nightmare.  Most homeowners look to a professional contractor to undertake this venture.  Painting cabinets can also be a costly project.  Most times, it involves leaving the cabinets in place and removing all contents.  This option tends to lend itself to those looking to keep their existing layout.  Painting your cabinets doesn't address warped or damaged doors, unless you replace them.  Not to mention that most painted cabinets are susceptible to abrasions, scuffs, and chips much sooner.

Mess of All kind of Painting Equipment i

Another thing to mention is that certain cabinets with a natural wood finish, don't look good with a coat of paint due to their natural grain pattern.  These grain patterns will become more pronounced and difficult to hide once painted.  A professional usual has to add a specific type of primer that fills those natural grains.  The typical process  for painting or refinishing involves removing all cabinet doors, hardware, and most times, contents.  If you're looking to keep the existing doors, your contractor will usually take them back to his shop where he/she will spend several days prepping and painting them.  If new doors are ordered,  they will usually follow the same process in order to match the cabinet paint.  Your contractor will then have to protect all areas and surfaces in your kitchen where they will be sanding, priming, and painting for the next week or two.  This usually means limited access to your kitchen for the duration of the project.  This option could quickly be off the table once you see option #3.

Pros and Cons of Painting/Refinishing Cabinets:

If your have the time and looking for a DIY, this could be the cheapest option.  Otherwise, hiring a contractor could be just as expensive as purchasing new cabinets.

Could be difficult to find a trusting contractor that will do a good job and warranty their work.

Certain types of cabinets can't be refinished or painted.

Susceptible to faster wear-and-tear.

The look of the cabinets won't change, just the color.  So if you were dreaming of a trending modern farmhouse kitchen, it won't happen.

Option #3



How do I know that refacing is right for me?

If you're looking for endless design possibilities, the latest styles and trends, product versatility, and a project that will add value to your home without breaking the bank, then refacing might be right for you.  Refacing offers you the opportunity to keep your current layout and change the look completely.  The average refacing project only takes 1-4 days and doesn't put you out of your kitchen.  

The process for refacing your kitchen cabinets is fairly simple.  A certified contractor will go to your home and measure your cabinets for a quote.  Once you accept, he/she will take exact measurements of the doors and drawer openings and determine the desired overlay for the doors and drawers.  They will take measurement for mouldings, such as base, light rail, or crown.  They will also take measurements for the amount of PSA laminate sheets or panels that they may need.  Once the order is place and the materials are delivered on site, it should be left to acclimate at room temperature for at least 24 hours.  Your contractor will then come in and begin installation.  No need to remove any items from your cabinets.  Countertops may be removed, if being replace, or may stay in place if keeping the existing counters.  Your contractor will remove all doors and drawer faces.  Your contractor will then begin to lightly sand the face frames and areas where the PSA laminate will be installed.  They will then install the laminates and panels on all cabinets.  Once that task is complete, new doors, drawers, soft close mechanisms, and hardware will be installed.  You will find the process seamless and painless.  When the project is complete, you will have a kitchen that looks and feels like brand new cabinets.

Blue Shaker Kitchen
Flint Supermatte Flat Panel Kitchen
Shaker Slim Kitchen
Shaker Rendering

Pros and Cons of Refacing:

Door Styles in modern, transitional, and traditional.

Less time, less stress, less mess, less waste!

Material maintains color consistency over time.  Scratch, mar, impact, and water resistance.  Cleans easily with soap and water.

Re-door, reface or partial replace options with doors, accessories, and surfacing materials.

Existing cabinet boxes can be preserved.  No need to replace what's not broken.

Layout and functionality issues can't be addressed.  

You will have limited ability to fix damaged boxes before the cost savings is offset by replacement. 


iStock Cabinets provides a wide variety of kitchen cabinet design features for your refacing project.  Adding details such as, crown, rosettes, and overlays will allow for complete customization and enhance your kitchens design   

Flint Supermatte Flat Panel Kitchen.jpeg

Multi-Panel Products

Multi-panel products can be produced in vertical or horizontal configurations for a variety of applications including tall cabinets, island and peninsula backs.  Maximum width for multi-panels with vertical grain direction is 48".  Standard configuration will center the panel between all stiles and rails.  Theses options provide for a fully customizable look. 

Tall Door Diagram.jpg


We provides several options for mouldings in all available finishes.  One of the advantages of using our cabinet refacing products is the ability to add elements that were previously not part of your kitchen design.  These features will add style and value to your project.  When the project is complete, you kitchen will have a fully customized look.

Framed Cabinet Doors.jpeg

Frames and Mullions

We offer a variety of frame a mullion styles.  This design element can be added to contemporary or traditional style kitchens.  Frosted glass or clear glass can be added using our glass retainer clips and strips.  

Elegant interior of new kitchen with sty

Wine Racks

Scalloped and grid wine racks are available in all finishes and are sold as two-piece sets.  Wine racks are a great addition to your kitchen design providing an element of elegance.  Showcase your collection, you wont have to go very far to reach for that favorite bottle.  


Floating Shelves

Achieve that modern farmhouse kitchen design with our collection of floating shelves.  Floating can either take the place of existing wall cabinets, or just create a new space for them.  Either way, it's sure to be an attention grabber.  Our standard shelf height is 2" and 4" with a standard depth of 10".  Widths can be ordered in 1/16" increments from 24" to 72".

Corner Shelves

iStock Cabinets offers corner shelves in all our finishes.  Shelves are available on 3/4 engineered core with matching backs.  Glazing is also available on our select finishes.  Corner Shelf width and depth are always equal, radius is determined by width.  End shelves are available in Left End or Right End configurations.

Corner Shelf Diagram.png
Corner Shelves.jpg
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