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Canvas Collection


Thickness: 1/2"       

Resandable: 2 times.

Installation:  Float, glue-down, or nail-down

Oak Cadence

Oak Etch

Oak Henna

Oak Muse

Oak Tapa

Oak Carbon

Oak Fawn

Oak Morel

Oak Pratica

Oak Tuft

Oak Curio

Oak Heather

Oak Mostra

Oak Reiter

Explore color with the new Canvas Collection. A animated array of on trend colors that add and enhance any designer’s artistic palette.

Tres Collection

An introductory range of 3-strip floors made with Kährs quality.


Thickness: 1/2"

Resandable:  2 times

Installation:  Float or glue-down

Oak Supai

Oak Bisbee

Oak Lecco

Oak Pima

Ash Vaila

Ash Ceriale

Red Oak Nature

European Maple Gotha

Life Collection

The Life Collection contains ten modern colors, spanning from bright Coconut Cream to the darkest Cocoa Bean. Each product in this collection of wood flooring features a clean visual with minimal knots. Starting with the finest selection of oak or walnut, these floors are treated with a balanced matte finish to ensure highest performance, all while keeping a natural wood feeling


Thickness: 1/4"

Not Sandable 

Installation:  Float or glue-down

Cocoa Bean Wide

Pure Walnut Narrow

Butterscotch Wide

Pure Oak Wide

Faded Black Wide

Earl Grey Wide

Driftwood Narrow

Whole Grain Wide

Pure Walnut Wide

Driftwood Wide

Light Suede Wide

Pure Oak Narrow

Texture Collection

The Texture Collection contains four genuinely rustic finishes.  Each product in this collection of wood flooring features a knots, cracks, and saw marks which highlight the texture of the wood floor.  Achieve a classic full plank look and feel all while adding old world character to your space.


Thickness:  5/8"  

Sandable:  up to 2 times

Installation:  Float or glue-down

Texture Grau

Texture Wiess

Texture Rohoptic

Texture Natur

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