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Our Flooring Brands


Superior Quality Engineered Floors

Kährs was founded in 1857 in the deep forests of southern Sweden.  Kährs’ long history is lined with a series of innovations that have shaped the entire global wood flooring industry over the years – from the invention of the multi-layer board to the glue-less Woodloc® locking joint.  Today, it’s one of the oldest flooring companies in the world. Kährs has also developed into a global market leader with sales in 70 countries, offering a wide range of flooring products. The key to their success is in their deep passion for creating beautiful floors, reflected in high degree of craftsmanship and a constant focus on quality.

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Quality Without Compromise

Zalan was created with the aspiration of offering  premium, elegant and trendy flooring products to consumers at an affordable price. This vision reflects their sincere belief that a good product does not have not to be expensive. Without any sacrifice of product quality and customer service, Zalan sets out to accomplish this mission through optimizing their supply chain, maintaining a lean workforce, streamlining operations, and most importantly, emphasizing less about profit margins! Not only does Zalan sell quality products that fit the bill, they also stimulate the creativity of their customers to create a style and look in their home the way they envisioned.  

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Making Dream Surfaces Attainable

MSI is the leading nationwide distributor of flooring, countertop, wall tile, and hardscaping products in North America. MSI offers the greatest product variety in the marketplace. We import over 100,000 containers per year and manage hundreds of millions of sq.ft. in stock, including over 5,000 SKUs of luxury vinyl tile, porcelain & ceramic tile, quartz countertops, natural stone countertops and tile (granite, marble, travertine, slate, limestone, quartzite, and sandstone), prefabricated countertops, decorative mosaics, and sinks.

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