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Classic II

The Classic II cabinet door features a 3/4" solid engineered core with a raised panel.  The stiles and rails are 2- 3/32" wide with an ogee outside edge.  The inside edge of the rails and stiles transitions to the flat panel with a beaded and chamfered routing detail.  The Classic is available in a variety of supermatte finishes. 

Available Colors

   Denotes Glazing Available


Satin Finishes

0164 Satin X.jpeg
0265-Canadian Grey Satin.jpeg



Super Matte Finishes

5106-Stratus Supermatte.jpeg


5111-Haze Supermatte.jpeg


5101-Umber Supermatte.jpeg


5102-Forge Supermatte.jpeg
5113-Mist Supermatte.jpeg


5100-Silt Supermatte.jpeg


5105-Gauntlet Supermatte.jpeg


5112-Flint Supermatte.jpeg
5127 Sage Supermatte (NG).jpeg
5128 Surf Supermatte.jpeg
5122-Midnight Supermatte.jpeg
5108 Coal Supermatte.jpg




  • Membrane pressed face and sides

  • Raised Center Panel

  • Color matching backs

  • 3/4" engineered core

  • Routing for glass available

  • Mullions Available

  • Soft close hinges available

  • Glazing Available

5 Year Limited Warranty.  

Contact us for shipping information.

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