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Kit includes the following:

  • Double Hanging (19.5" wide)
  • 4 Drawer Shelf Closet Tower (25.5" wide)
  • Double Hanging (19.5" wide)

The efficient and aesthetic design of the select closet kit is the ultimate combination of hanging areas, closet shelving, and closet drawers. You’ll have a wardrobe for your clothes, a cupboard for your accessories or beauty supplies, plus drawer space to replace your clunky dressers.
With its neat look and compact feel, this easy-to-install closet will make your room feel adj lighter and roomier.

  • Neat and pleasant
  • Maximized space-saving hanging solutions 
  • Abundant  and adjustable shelving
  • Drawers included
  • Wall-mounted with our patented cleat system
  • Easy Installation
  • Eco-friendly wood production
  • High-quality closets

Select Closet Kit

Select Color
  • Material 3/4" M-2 grade furniture board, with a high quality Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)
    Color White or Grey


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