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The Shaker cabinet door features a 3/4" solid engineered core with a flat drop-in center panel.  The stiles and rails are 2" wide and have a rounded outside edge with a chamfered inside edge.  The Shaker is available in a variety of colors and finishes allowing for a large combination of colors and finishes.  The Shaker provides the option to have a slab drawers.

Available Colors

* Denotes Glazing Available

Satin Finishes

0165 White Satin.jpeg
0159 Bisque.jpeg
0265-Canadian Grey Satin.jpeg

Super Matte Finishes

5106-Stratus Supermatte.jpeg
5111-Haze Supermatte.jpeg
5101-Umber Supermatte.jpeg
5102-Forge Supermatte.jpeg
5112-Flint Supermatte.jpeg
5113-Mist Supermatte.jpeg
5100-Silt Supermatte.jpeg
5105-Gauntlet Supermatte.jpeg
5127 Sage Supermatte (NG).jpeg
5128 Surf Supermatte.jpeg
5122-Midnight Supermatte.jpeg
5108 Coal Supermatte.jpg

Wood Grain Finishes

2078 Candlelight.jpeg
2102 Majestic Walnut.jpeg
2013 Summerflame.jpeg
2064 Amati Walnut.jpeg
2061 Cherry Blossom.jpeg
2081 Rustic Cherry.jpeg
2055 Chocolate Pear.jpeg

Textured Wood Finishes

9049 Nizza.jpeg
2383 Palomino.jpeg
2172 Copa Cabana.jpeg
2372 Gibraltar.jpeg
2196 Valencia.jpeg
2195 Havana.jpeg




  • Membrane pressed face and sides

  • Color matching backs

  • 3/4" engineered core

  • Routing for glass available

  • Soft close hinges available

  • Doors with Mullions are available

  • Slab drawer option available

5 Year Limited Warranty.  

Contact us for shipping information.

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